Sense, Seek. 

Living in the same world, each of us experiences it differently.

When a botanist sees a tree, when an astronomer gazes at the night sky, when a geologist holds a rock,

When a poet lives his/her life:

The unnoticed becomes the significant, 
Inspiration rises out of the mundane. 

In the world of Chinese poetry,
There lies longing, nostalgia, indulgence, indignation, loss, joy, desire….
Reflected in the moon, star, flower, river, dreams and wine…

Join us on this journey, to sense, to seek.



I like to understand complex things through complex means, and Chinese poetry is, without a doubt, complex.

Twelve years since I moved from China to Australia, my love for rich traditions of Chinese literary culture has not diminished. Quite the opposite, it has aged, like good rice wine buried beneath the Osmanthus tree, its intoxicating fragrance allowing me to see the world from this liminal space between cultures.

Now I want to invite you to this space.



Life is the places we’ve been and the books we’ve read.

I have lived in China, Europe, and the US. I have lived in Chinese poetry. From the former, I have seen some differences and barriers. Yet from the latter, surprisingly, I see things that are universal. For me, poetry is all about emotional experiences. One may not recognize the characters or create the perfect translation, but one may always, at least try to, live and share the experience.